Make Your Home More Sustainable and Reduce Your Bills In England, Scotland and Wales

Cut Your Household Bills

The utility bills that come with the property that you live in can often be unpredictable around certain times of the year. With the main utilities being electricity and gas, there are a few changes you can make to make those bills a bit lower.


The heating bill is a utility that becomes more expensive seasonally, this is due to supply and demand. Heating providers know that more people will use more heat in the winter months and due to this need, the providers will often make heating more expensive around that time of year.

Some providers will guarantee that their prices are fixed all year round although this could make their prices more expensive that competitors even in the summer months.

As more companies are function more online, many providers will give their best deals to those who use the convenience of their website and online services. A gas provider is much more likely to offer a good deal to someone who sets up an online payment scheme rather than someone who send a check each month which will sometimes be late.


As more technology is becoming available to use around the home, more electricity is required which is resulting in a higher bill each month. Many homeowners have had enough of the price hike in the everyday essentials such as electricity and have become their own suppliers. To find out more, visit our sustainable home page.

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